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Divorce law

We give you our best attorney for divorce to help you smoothly go through the legal proceedings.

Divorce law

Divorce Lawyers

Our top divorce lawyers in USA specialize in supporting Indian couples who are married by Indian law and are residing outside India, to get their divorce as legally smoothly and beneficially possible for both parties.

Divorce – a hard decision to take but sometimes it could be the best decision for you and your partner. In our experience we’ve seen many couples who come to us confusing small, common couple fights as reasons for getting a divorce and some, who are clear that they will be much happier when they are no longer married. No one enters a relationship expecting it to end, but then sometimes this end can be the best beginning you need for your life.

Divorce law

When a couple wants to be separated legally, it’s called a divorce. There’s a difference between being separated and being divorced. A couple can stay separated without actually being divorced. To learn more about judicial separation and divorce, contact our top divorce lawyer in USA.

Types of Divorce

Divorce can be by mutual consent or initiated by either one of the partner to dissolve the marriage. Our best divorce lawyer USA can help you in both cases. But before that, let’s take a look at the difference.

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Divorce by mutual consent

Both the parties mutually agree to be legally divorced. In this case, previously there was a 6 months mandatory rehabilitation period which the couples must go through and by the end of 6 months, they can choose whether to continue their relationship or move forward with a divorce. But by the new law in 2022, it is up to the court to decide whether the rehabilitation period is required. If our divorce lawyers in USA feel that this is unnecessary in your case (incase of Indian court), we will do a convincing job to get you your divorce without surfing through this period.

Divorce without mutual consent (Dissolution of marriage)

Either of the spouses can move to court asking for a divorce without the consent of their partner. This can be initiated in the grounds of adultery, domestic violence or desertion by the partner. Our best attorney for divorce will help you file for divorce and send notice to your partner for further proceedings. If proven, the court will move to give divorce to the couple.

What does divorce involve?

The act of divorce is even more difficult when kids are involved. It is emotionally draining and financially as well. Complications arise when the couple is not in a mutual decision about the custody of the child/children and about the financial support required for fostering the kids. You will need the help of a good lawyer to have an easy proceeding in such cases. Our top divorce lawyer in USA can give you the best advice possible to ease things out. For more support, call our divorce lawyers in USA today and get a consult.When you call the best divorce lawyer USA for consult, there are 3 important aspects that the best attorney for divorce will ask you to consider.

When a child or children are involved, the couples can decide to take joint custody or exclusive custody of the child/children. If the couple cannot mutually agree, then the court will decide which parent will take custody of the child/children.

In case the couple has properties together after marriage or one of them has property from before the marriage as well, the couple needs to settle on who keeps what. This is one of the most problematic part of the divorce were couples can’t settle on who takes what. Our top divorce lawyer in USA can help you sort out this issue amicably with your spouse.

Financial aid is a main aspect when it comes to divorce, especially if one of the partners is completely dependent on the other spouse for finances. There is no limit for alimony and so, our best divorce lawyer USA will take into account all the livelihood situation of yours and custody incase, calculate accordingly and get you the financial aid as possible.

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Divorcing away from home

Divorce is by itself a very emotionally draining process and it is even more daunting when you are away from your hometown, legally married by the law of your country and residing in another. Our top divorce lawyer in USA can help you through this situation.

Can I get divorced outside India?

Yes, you can file a divorce petition from abroad and even settle for divorce in the same country’s court, abiding by that country’s laws. The same will be reflected in Indian law and considered legally for divorce unless the courts which offered the decree fall under some exception. You need trusted hands during this process. Our best attorney for divorce can guide you through the exceptions and find you the best solution.  Get in touch with our divorce lawyers in USA for more information regarding the same.

Why do you need the best attorney for divorce?

Our best divorce lawyer USA has experience in many such cases and some are so complex – especially when kids are involved; and properties that are present in different countries. When one of the spouses decides to come back to India while the other decides to stay abroad, then custody cases can be a battle and you need the right set of lawyers to help you. In case of properties, the emotional quotient and the financial equivalent of properties in both countries will need to be considered. Our top divorce lawyer in USA can help you get the best out of your divorce.

You are in trusting and capable hands

If you were married by Indian law and you are requesting for divorce from out of India, our best attorney for divorce and our top divorce lawyers in USA can help you with all the legal proceedings that needs to take place in India. 

If you are choosing to settle the case in Indian court, then you can leave the matter in our trusted hands. Incase you want to take up the case in a court abroad, our best divorce lawyer USA can guide you through the procedures and proceedings.

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Both advocates Mr.Chandran and Mrs. Divya and have been our legal advisor and Advocates for a past more than 10 years to our company. We have found them to be extremely professional, well organised and patient in understanding our requirements and providing solutions for the same. We take pleasure in congratulating the partners, associates and staffs of Confideo legal solutions for completing 15 years of practice. Wishing you all the best for your continued growth and success.
I am very grateful to my advocates Divya & Chandran.when I consult with Divya mam , her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor not just because she is lady advocate, but to her wider knowledge in law.Many times l need her that to get through my difficult situation. She is so helpful and I will always feel grateful for the way she so professionally managed to obtain the end result we were all hoping for. I can truly recommend her without hesitation . And if you have a loved one needing counsel, realize there is hope. Contact her. She will fight for you to the end.