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Confideo Legal is your trusted legal partner, offering expertise in divorce, civil, and criminal cases. Let our experienced team guide you through complex legal matters with confidence and care.



Dr. A. P. DIVYA,

M.A.M.L., ACS., Ph.D.

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Get true justice served with our fleet of professional and experienced lawyers. We strive to serve to your query and arrive at the best possible solution.


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About Confideo legal solutions

Confideo legal is a team of experienced professionals who will assist you in a variety of legal issues in your country of residence. Living miles away from hometown, there are times when need a trustworthy lawyer to stand by your side to procure the desired results. Our legal firm is established in an effort to support Indians around the world. Managed by highly qualified lawyers, our firm offers all kinds of legal services under one roof.

Our lawyers assist with a wide array of legal issues such as Matrimoial dispute, Domestic violence, Child custody, power of attorney, wills, civil and more. We offer targeted service to the clients to achieve the desired results. Our lawyers help in finding solutions and offer a systematic legal guidance to resolve complicated legal disputes.

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Legal Team Head, Senior Advocates



Advocate Chandran is one of the famous Advocate in Tamil Nadu. He has done Masters in Law and some other Degrees like Diploma in Personal Management and Labour Welfare and Industrial relations. He specialized in Labour management and legal advisors in many leading companies in India.

He is also finished his Doctorate in law (Ph.D.) and currently practicing as a full-time Advocate and handling cases in District courts, High Court & Supreme Court of India. He is full trained and successful in trial courts in various states of India. Especially in criminal trials, he won so many cases and render justice to his clients. He is Indian penal Advocates who has found for the Rights of the Accused in most high-profile cases in the Country.

He is Awarded Vivekananda Award in the year of 2005 and he has been honoured with Tamilan Virudhugal in the year of 2010. he also received many awards for conducting legal aid programs and got certificates for creating legal awareness to general public and street play conducted in various places of India. He himself a part of Environmental issue handling Advocate and he done so many steps and made successful litigation upon Environmental related issues.

He is a founder and partner of law firm named Confideo legal solutions. Then on 2009 onwards, he is handling so many cases in the field of Matrimonial. He took steps for speedy disposal of the cases and settled and hundreds and hundreds of matrimonial cases in various states in India. He instrumental in getting compromising between parties and speedy disposing of the cases at earliest through court mediations and conciliations. He is one of India’s most distinguished successful Advocates and he has argued several leading cases. He is the Award winner of best practitioner in the year of 2019. He handled cases mostly in the State of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. He is a part of many recognized advisory and regulatory committees.

Legal Team Head, Senior Advocates

Dr. A. P. DIVYA,

M.A.M.L., ACS., Ph.D.

Advocate Divya Chandran is one of the famous Advocate in Tamil Nadu. She has done Masters in Law in the field of Business law and done her specialization in corporate laws and taxation and word class tax advisors in many leading companies in India. She is also finished her Doctorate in law (Ph.D.) and now practicing as a full-time Advocate and handling cases in District courts, High Court & Supreme Court of India. She played an instrumental role in protecting many innocent people get observed. She also appeared for Public Interest litigation cases along with various seniors advocated High Court and Supreme Court of India. She wrote so many articles and journals. She is a one of the best Advocates who handled consumer relates cases and got so many landmark Judgements. She used her writing for women empowerment and creating awareness to consumers. She educated so many students and she gave best lecturers in various universities in India.

She also played a key role in defending a Right to Education provision that obligated the admission of this advantaged Children to Private Schools.

She has contributed to the Drafting the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2013. She has established successful Advocate in India. Who fought on Minor Rights, Gender and law, Domestic Violence, Feminist Jurisprudence.

Her field of expertise life in Divorce, Marital and Property law. Her focus on law’s related to Various Women’s Issues and she facilitate legal services and Counselling sessions too and more than 50,000 Women are benefited till now. she enhancing her legal services efficiently and gave solutions for her client’s legal problems instantly.
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Our mission is to offer standard legal to all in a systematic and fast approach.
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Our vision is to achieve expertise untie all the complex legal knots and present them in a way that supports the modern society
The principles which guide us in all our dealings with our clients and which drive our practice throughout the firm...
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Welcome to Confideo legal solutions

Legal issues always take an unexpected turn when advocating is not done right. We draw the path of your success in the cases we take up. Streamlining your case and achieving desired result is what we specialize in. Get in touch with our professionals to gain experts counsel on your cases.

Lawyers – Our team of power

The pillars of our multi-disciplinary team

In an aim to offer the best legal support, we have evlved with tie in the way we handle cases and the strategies. This evolution is a work of experience and expertise we accumulated over years. Our experienced team of lawyers is committed to offering quick and complete resolution to your legal issues that won’t become hassle to private, professional and social life. Let the professionals evaluate your case and get a detailed brief.

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What We Do

Our Practice Areas

We are specialised in various practice areas for your needs with more than 20+ years of experience.
Matrimonial Dispute

Our professional attorneys take care of all legal issues quickly as matrimonial issues steal the peace of the family in life.


The experienced professionals of our firm assist in a variety of family issues including Divorce

Child Custody

The experienced professionals of our firm assist in a variety of family issues including Child Custody

Appeal Cases (HC/SC)

Going through a divorce is hard and lengthy process. If you have decided to part ways from your spouse, you might be entitled to claim alimony

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, or technological actions or threats of actions or other patterns of coercive behavior.


Our firm has stood in the interests of both lenders and borrowers before the DRT has helped solve matters that arise out of SARFAESI Act.


Why Hire Us

We strive to achieve excellence and deliver unparalleled case solutions. Delivering outstanding strategy to solve your issue is the prime focus of our practice. We achieve it by working closely with the clients and understanding the intricacies of the situation. This helps in identifying the right opportunities and offering the best solution. Unlike many law firms, we focus on a devising a clear-cut strategy that delivers the desired results rooted strongly in law.

The pillars of our practice are the best professional team. With knowledge in a wide array of aspects, our team has put in years of experience into solving a case. From Family to DRT, we have the perfect specialist in every domain.

Our process starts with counseling, followed by reviewing the case documents. This is the most crucial phase because the documents serve as the source of crucial information that will take the case ahead. Reviewing the case documents gives a picture of the case and lays the path of developing the right strategy.

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What Our Customers Say
The clients’ words are our advocates of success. Here is what our clients experienced
Both advocates Mr.Chandran and Mrs. Divya and have been our legal advisor and Advocates for a past more than 10 years to our company. We have found them to be extremely professional, well organised and patient in understanding our requirements and providing solutions for the same. We take pleasure in congratulating the partners, associates and staffs of Confideo legal solutions for completing 15 years of practice. Wishing you all the best for your continued growth and success.
I am very grateful to my advocates Divya & Chandran.when I consult with Divya mam , her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor not just because she is lady advocate, but to her wider knowledge in law.Many times l need her that to get through my difficult situation. She is so helpful and I will always feel grateful for the way she so professionally managed to obtain the end result we were all hoping for. I can truly recommend her without hesitation . And if you have a loved one needing counsel, realize there is hope. Contact her. She will fight for you to the end.

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